The Australian Industry Standards Supply Chain Skills Project Reference Group has developed a Case for Change focusing on identifying opportunities for the use of cross sector Units or Skill Sets, with the strategic goal of establishing high-performing supply chains trained to consistent world-class standards, which will in turn generate significant productivity gains and efficiencies for Australian industry.

The Case for Change was drafted following extensive stakeholder consultation including a Supply Chain Skills Industry Roundtable. It was also developed with consideration of the Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy, and outlines the requirements for change to ensure that the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) can make decisions based on robust evidence.

The Case for Change contains the following proposals:

  1. That 13 new cross sector Units are developed to reflect new and emerging skill areas or to fill existing gaps;
  2. That 9 existing Units are reviewed and modified to enable greater portability of skills and cross sector usage; and that a further 10 Units relating to stock control be rationalised to develop 2 Units suitable for cross sector use including deletion of remaining superseded units to reduce duplication in the national training system.
  3. That 5 existing Units are deleted where there is clear duplication of existing units and/or in which there is little or no enrolment;
  4. That 10 new Skill Sets are developed involving:
    • 13 new Units developed under point 1 above
    • 7 existing Units which are modified to enable cross sector use
    • 11 existing Units without change.

The Skill Sets will cover the following areas:

  • Establish supply chains
  • Digital supply chain supervision
  • Monitor a supply chain operation
  • Supply chain stock control
  • Manage a supply chain
  • International supply chain
  • Establish a digital supply chain
  • Value chain analysis
  • Digital supply chain operations
  • Supply chain financial management
  1. That 23 existing Units are promoted as ‘best practice’ through the project’s Communications Kit on project outcomes and supply chain pathways.

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