The Australian Government is strengthening the capabilities of security screening officers at airports around the country. The Australian Industry Standards Aviation Industry Reference Committee (IRC) is developing a Transport Security Protection qualification that will be used for a proposed screening officer accreditation scheme, scheduled to commence from mid-2018.

An efficient, safe, and secure aviation and maritime system is integral to Australia’s social and economic well-being. Australia’s aviation and maritime industries aid both travel and trade, connecting our cities and towns and Australia to the rest of the world. An Inspector of Transport Security inquiry, which reviewed aviation passenger and cargo screener functions identified areas of vocational skills and knowledge that need improvement.

The inquiry recommended introducing a screener specific qualification; a national accreditation test for people making screening decisions; and annual recertification. Once implemented the scheme will ensure transport security screening officers have the skills and knowledge they need to respond to the evolving threats in transport security.

To support the implementation of the recommendations, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) commissioned the Aviation Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and Australian Industry Standards (AIS) to undertake a training package development project. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprising subject matter experts from industry, facilitated by AIS, will review the specific qualifications covering jobs that involve screening in the Aviation and Maritime industries.


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