Cert III Driving Operations Review

  • Certificate III in Driving Operations is currently funded by the Queensland Government under User Choice ($4,638/$5,300) for new and existing workers undertaking a traineeship, and under the Certificate III Guarantee ($1,568/$1,904).
  • The Certificate III in Driving Operations is a central qualification to the transport and logistics industry, and is essential for many job roles in the sector.
  • Total VET activity enrolments for Certificate III in Driving Operations 7,837.
  • In 2016/17, $4.7 million was invested in subsidised training for Certificate III in Driving Operations.
  • The Queensland Government has identified the Certificate III in Driving Operations for review to gain an updated industry perspective in relation to:
    • skills shortages and qualified worker shortages
    • training quality
    • training provider performance
    • training implementation issues
    • training outcome shortfalls
    • industry and employment outcomes from training
    • barriers to success of training
Who will be involved?

The consultation will cover road freight and passenger freight providers, other impacted transport and logistics organisations, and relevant industry associations.

How can feedback be provided?

Feedback can be provided online through this site. Emailed comments or submissions can also be made to linda@qta.com.au.

A regional industry roadshow is also proposed. To receive information about these dates, please sign up.
What is the VET Investment Plan?

The plan outlines the Government’s planned investment in vocational education and training for the financial year including:

– matching funding with industry demand

– supporting disadvantaged learners and other priority student cohorts

– supporting public providers

What is the purpose of the review?

The Certificate III in Driving Operations is being reviewed as part of the planned ‘Market Performance Review’ for 2017/18.¬†Providing market oversight through reporting, performance reviews and investigations is an integral part of the Government’s commitment to continuous improvement of the VET sector.The Government will consult with industry, employers, pre-qualified suppliers and other stakeholders.

Why review the Cert III in Driving Operations?

The Certificate III in Driving Operations has been targeted for review as it has been identified by DET as high risk based on feedback, market trends or compliance.

Factors that may contribute to risk:
– short course duration
– relatively low co-contribution fees
– high use of recognition of prior learning
– relatively high complaint levels
– high growth in students and investment through a small number of pre-qualified suppliers
What is the review process?

DET plans to consult with stakeholders from October 2017 to February 2018. VET 4 T&L are gathering industry input from across all regions of Queensland to support this consultation.

It is expected that DET will also hold a number of regional forums across Queensland.
You can provide input via this website, through attending a regional forum or written submissions can be lodged with the Training Ombudsman via info@trainingombudsman.qld.gov.au.
What advice is DET seeking?

DET expects students who are participating in subsidised training to complete their qualification and transition to employment or advance in their career.

DET would like to hear from industry as to whether completion and employment goals are being met. Stakeholder are also encouraged to comment on:
– Awareness of the Government’s VET investment
– Support for the Pre-Qualified Supplier operating in the region
– Involvement of employers in training delivery
– Employability of graduates
– Quality of training delivery