NCVER has released a working paper drawn from a research partnership between Australian Industry Standards (AIS) and RMIT University. The research involved analysis of 11 Training Packages and focussed on the transport and logistics, public safety, and correctional services sectors to investigate how effectively they equip the workforce with the appropriate digital skills to support the growing digital economy.

Among its key findings, the paper identifies:

  • that the VET system contains a significant amount of digital training content, spread across different Units of Competency.
  • The analysis also suggests that digital skills training content is available for all occupations across the sectors, and at all levels. Interestingly, there appears to be more digital skills content in operational level occupations than in higher-skills occupations.
  • Of the 3331 units of competency reviewed, 758 contained references to digital skills search terms, with the Transport and Logistics Training Package containing the greatest amount.
  • Skills related to social media, social networks, big data analytics, online collaboration, online security, data breach, digital risk and process innovation are noticeably missing from the analysed Training Packages.

Credit to Australian Industry Standards.

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