National Skills Week starts this week and there are a range of ways to participate, whether you’re an employer, training organisation, school, student, parent or supporter of VET. Check out the National Skills Week for tips and resources on how to get involved.

See below for a sample of some of the registered events:

23 August 2021 – Future Work APAC Summit 2021 – The Future Work Summit will feature industry-leading speakers from across the fields of employee transition, personal growth, technology and innovation – all of whom will present solutions designed specifically to help delegates future-proof their organisations, their industry and their career.

23 August 2021 – Workforce of the Future – Rethinking skills for the jobs of tomorrow – Hear from the members of the Mining, Human Services and Digital Skills Organisation Pilots who will share their insights and discuss the projects they are leading to respond to the skills and training needs of their industries. 

24 August 2021 – Future Work APAC Summit 2021 – Skill or be Skilled – Australia’s leading thinkers and practitioners in this space will join an important conversation about the future of jobs, automation, pathways to employment, utilising technology and creating Australia’s AI workforce.

26 August 2021 – Block Chain Technologies – Future employability skills and related technologies – QLD TAFE are running a session on Block Chain Technologies and future employability skills and related technologies.

26 August 2021 – Free parent webinar: How to help your child find VET opportunities – This webinar offers practical advice to parents and carers on not just how to find out what’s available, but also how you can create opportunities and secure a life changing experience with your child using the magic of parent power!


Click here to find more events registered as part of National Skills Week.