Jobs Queensland have released their report – Future work for small business: Skills, capabilities and potential.

The report looks at the diverse skills and capabilities needs of small businesses in Queensland across all sectors and identifies key areas for support and development to ensure the viability and growth of small business.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Small businesses are an important driver of regional development and a major creator of employment opportunities in Queensland.
  • Fostering resilient small businesses is an essential component of a strong economy.
  • Developing owners’ and managers’ entrepreneurial skills and capabilities is essential to small businesses taking advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • Many small business owners and managers know they need to respond to an increasingly complex and globalised operating environment but are unsure how to access support.
  • The skills and capability needs of business owners and managers differ according to a variety of factors such as business type, maturity and industry or regional context.
  • The diversity of individuals and enterprises engaging in business is becoming greater.
  • Leadership, management and digital skills and capabilities are particularly important in enabling small businesses to harness opportunities and adapt to changing markets.
  • A wide range of capability development options are delivered by many organisations based in and outside of Queensland.

This report examines mechanisms through which the skills and capability of small business owners and managers in Queensland can be strengthened and identifies key areas where the Queensland Government can and should act.


Click here to read the full report