Written submissions close 22nd March 2019.   

Queenslanders are being encouraged to contribute to the discussion on what the future will mean for jobs in Queensland through a discussion paper released on Friday 15th February 2019. Minister for Training and Skills Development Shannon Fentiman launched the Jobs Queensland’s discussion paper The Future of Work in 2030 – Evolution or revolution? at the Employability Symposium 2019 on the Gold Coast, see the full ministerial statement here.

Jobs Queensland has heard from stakeholders that work, industries and skills are changing, and that there is a need for an adaptable workforce in our state. There has also been significant media attention on the future of work as we move further into the 21st century, with much reporting focused largely on technological impacts. Through research, consultation and other activities, Jobs Queensland is considering what the future of work means for employment and skills policy in Queensland.

This project is investigating what the future of work could look like in 2030 for Queenslanders and our economy. This includes considering the implications for skills and employment policy of technological change, social and demographic trends, and institutional frameworks. The Future of Work Literature review focuses on three drivers of change which can be considered as having major impacts on how work will look in the future for Queenslanders and the Queensland economy. These are:

  1. technology impacts
  2. demographic and social changes
  3. legal, institutional and policy influences.

The Future of Work in Queensland to 2030 – Evolution or revolution? discussion paper has been released to facilitate consultation statewide. Click here to read more information on the project, and to view the Discussion Paper and Literature Review.


There are several opportunities to respond to the discussion paper.

Courtesy of Jobs Queensland