If you live in Royalla (near Canberra) you can order a burrito and have it delivered via drone as part of a trial with Google Alphabet.

From the Guzman y Gomez blog:

Has this been done anywhere else in the world?

While there have been a handful of staged demonstrations, this is the first time all the pieces have come together.

  • Going directly to people’s backyards or doorsteps. Others are using fixed pickup points and doesn’t land at customer location which isn’t scalable.
  • The aircraft is custom designed by Project Wing over the last 5 years, designed for speed (120km/h) and stability, not an off the shelf quad/hexacopter
  • Backed by a complete air traffic control system, scale to manage complex flight paths into the future as the skies fill up
  • Most others have done a handful of deliveries to test, all about demonstrating it’s possible which is still great. This however is an ongoing phased test with members of the public ordering and well beyond the initial stages.
  • Beyond line of sight approved and the drones can travel up to 10km from their take off location, a 20km delivery footprint diameter. Others requiring line of sight or limited range e.g 2 kms, 1 mile, 400 meters etc.”

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