Closing 6 April 2021.

On behalf of the Rail Industry Reference Committee (IRC), the Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) for the projects below, have considered all stakeholder feedback and revised draft Training Package materials.

Rail Train Driving

The TAC for the Rail Train Driving project updated the Certificate II in Shunting, Certificate III in Rail Driving, Certificate III in Terminal Train Driving and Certificate IV in Train Driving qualifications, along with associated Units of Competency and Skill Sets. This includes pre- and post-operational requirements of a train driver in preparing autonomous or remotely operated trains for their journey.

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Rail Rolling Stock Maintainer

The Rail Rolling Stock Maintainer TAC developed a new Certificate II in Rail Rolling Stock Maintenance qualification that will create a career pathway for rolling stock maintenance workers and enable operators to develop in-house capabilities. The TAC also developed three new Skill Sets and two new Units of Competency.

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Rail Yard Coordination

The Rail Yard Coordination TAC amalgamated the Certificate III in Rail Yard Coordination and Rail Signalling qualifications into a new Certificate III in Rail Operations and updated associated Units of Competency and Skill Sets. The TAC also added a draft unit, Use mobile electronic track warning system, from the Track Protection rail project into the general elective group. Two new draft Skill Sets were developed in Rail Operations and Rail Operations Fundamentals to create a pathway for new entrants to rail operations job roles.

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The Rail IRC is seeking your feedback to validate these drafts to ensure the proposed materials meet industry needs.

Detailed mapping information, tracking changes to the existing Training Package, is also available to view.

Please submit your feedback by close of business Tuesday, 6 April 2021.

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