Cross Sector Supply Chain Skills Project   

Regardless of which industry you’re currently working in, you’ll be impacted by multiple supply chains each and every day. Most likely you’re part of a supply chain, be it moving people, products, data or providing services. Whatever you eat or wear, how you travel and whatever you live in, they’re all the result of multiple supply chains.

So if you’re passionate about improving the effectiveness of Australia’s supply chains and the capability of those that work within them, make your voice heard and comment on the draft documents now! Areas covered include: digital supply chains, blockchain, global supply chains and value chain analysis. 

Following an extensive round of consultation with 13 different Industry Reference Committees on their existing Units of Competency, the following documents have been released for feedback:

  • 10 draft Skill Sets in the areas of:
    • Supply chain financial management
    • Supply chain stock control
    • Value chain analysis
    • Digital supply chain supervision
    • Digital supply chain operations
    • Establish digital supply chains
    • Global supply chain operations
    • Establish blockchain
    • Monitor supply chain operations
    • Manage supply chains
  • Three (3) new draft Units of Competency in the areas of:
    • Global supply chains
    • Market supply systems
    • Fundamental aspects of supply chains

Click here to view the draft documents and submit your comments. Consultation closes 28th August 2019.

Courtesy of Australian Industry Standards