Lockyer Valley Regional Council has joined forces with Toowoomba Regional Council and Ipswich City Council to form the Ipswich to Toowoomba Passenger Rail Alliance.

The three Councils have invited key industry representatives to join the alliance, including participants from universities, defence, health and tourism.

This follows on from the Federal Government’s funding of a $15 million business case looking at passenger rail from Toowoomba to Brisbane. The federal government’s business case will investigate upgrading the existing line to enable frequent commuter passenger rail services and integrating passenger services in freight corridors.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor, Tanya Milligan, said the alliance was vital to ensure the needs and interests of local communities are a priority. “We need to improve accessibility of Lockyer Valley residents to employment opportunities in our nearby cities,” Mayor Milligan said.

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio said further meetings with industry groups within the Region would be held in the coming weeks to gather their support.

“Faster regular passenger rail between Brisbane and Toowoomba via Ipswich is vital for the future of the wider region, especially in providing reliable access to employment, tertiary education, specialist health services and tourism opportunities.

“Toowoomba is Australia’s largest inland non-capital city, yet has no meaningful passenger rail link, so this is an opportunity we cannot miss,” Mayor Antonio said.

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