The Case for Endorsement and draft training package materials have been released for Transport & Logistics Training Package Release 10.0. This included work on the following projects:

TLI Driving Operations – The updated Certificate II, III and IV in Driving Operations qualifications and 55 associated Units of Competency incorporate recent technology advancements and align with applicable regulatory requirements. The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has proposed to remove specialisations from both the TLI21216 Certificate II in Driving Operations and TLI31216 Certificate III in Driving Operations to enable flexible pathways.

TLI Supply Chain Operations – Certificates I & IV – Qualifications in Logistics and Warehouse Operations at the Certificate I and IV levels have been amalgamated into two qualifications to address current and future skills needs of entry-level workers and team leaders/supervisors respectively. The Certificate IV in Transport Scheduling has been converted into a stream within the new Certificate IV qualification. These changes enable flexible career pathways and workforce mobility across multiple sectors of the Transport and Logistics industry.

TLI Rail Rolling Stock Maintainer – This project has developed one new qualification, two new Units of Competency and three new Skill Sets and revised an existing Skill Set. The Certificate II in Rail Rolling Stock Maintenance was developed to create a career pathway for rolling stock maintenance workers and enable operators to develop in-house capabilities.

TLI Rail Track Protection – This project reviewed the Certificate II and III in Track Protection and the associated Skill Sets and Units of Competency, for Rail Track Protection Officer (Level 1 & 2) and Possession Protection Officer (Level 3 & 4). The revised Training Package products address the move away from lookouts, flag, hand, or light signals to automated protection devices or mobile electronic track warning system, leading to increased safety and productivity gains for the industry. A new Unit of Competency “Use mobile electronic track warning system”, has been developed to ensure rail track workers have the required skills and knowledge to effectively use systems in order to increase safety and productivity of the industry.

TLI Rail Train Driving – Certificate II in Shunting, Certificate III in Rail Driving, Terminal Train Driving and Certificate IV in Train Driving qualifications were reviewed to address identified skills and knowledge gaps. The revision updated and aligned the qualifications with new and emerging signalling system technologies, including the pre- and post-operational requirements of a train driver in preparing autonomous or remotely operated trains for their journey.

TLI Rail Yard Coordination – The review of the Certificate III in Rail Yard Coordination updated and aligned the qualification with new and emerging technologies including advances made in rail signalling and autonomous and remotely operated rail vehicles. It also integrated the Certificate III in Rail Signalling which was proposed for deletion from the national register. This revision provides for greater transferability of skills between various sectors of the rail industry by developing a new Skill Set. The renaming of the qualification to Certificate III in Rail Operations focuses the job role outcomes on broader operational tasks within traditional yard and signalling roles.

Click on the relevant link above to view more information about each project and the final draft materials. The Case for Endorsement is scheduled to be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) in June 2021.