Aviation Sector

    • The Aviation industry underpins Australian business and tourism and has an estimated annual revenue of $45.98 billion, adding $18.42 billion to the Australian economy in 2018.
    • The industry employs more than 93,000 people across its five main sub-sectors: domestic commercial aviation, international commercial aviation, general aviation, air-freight transport and aviation support infrastructure.
    • There is an ongoing need for baggage and ground crew staff due to the increase of passenger and cargo movement by air in the Asia-Pacific area.
    • Demand for domestic pilots is still strong, Boeing predicts the world will need 533,000 new commercial airline pilots by 2033, with 41% of these new jobs created in the AsiaPacific region.


COVID-19: Support for Queensland's Aviation sector
COVID safe domestic flying

A Domestic Passenger Journey Protocol has been developed by the Australian aviation industry for airline passengers and workers, to provide guidance in minimising the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Find out more about the Domestic Passenger Journey Protocol.

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Stonger Security Screening at Airports

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