The Aviation Training Package (Release 7.0) has been endorsed by Skills Ministers for implementation.

The Aviation Industry Reference Committee, with the support of the Technical Advisory Committee, has revised the Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision) and seven associated Units of Competency to meet the skills requirements of operational supervisors.

The updated Training Package addresses new skills requirements arising from advances in aviation technology, including digital literacy, cyber security, data analysis and advanced communications.

The revised qualification now includes three specialist streams for key operational roles:

  • Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision-Aerodromes)
  • Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision-Cabin Crew)
  • Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision-Ground Operations)

The approved Aviation Training Package Release 7.0 is now available on

The following materials were approved:


One revised Qualification:

  • AVI40120 Certificate IV in Aviation (Aviation Supervision)

Three Qualifications receiving a minor change with elective imported units updated:

  • AVI20219 Certificate II in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service)
  • AVI30319 Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service)
  • AVI50119 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management)

Units of Competency

One revised Unit of Competency with a major change:

  • AVIO0022 Undertake response action to an emergency or security threat

Six existing Units of Competency revised, resulting in minor changes:

  • AVIC4002 Administer airside driving
  • AVIF4008 Supervise cabin safety and security
  • AVIG2003 Work in a socially diverse environment
  • AVII4013 Supervise cabin operations
  • AVII4015 Monitor and enhance customer service excellence
  • AVIO4003 Implement airside access

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