The Aviation Training Package (Release 8.0) has been endorsed by the Skills Ministers for implementation.

The Aviation Industry Reference Committee, with the support of its Technical Advisory Committee, has developed a new Skill Set and Unit of Competency to address skill needs for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations in the excluded category sub-2kg.

The new materials establish the skills and knowledge requirements of RPA excluded category operators to ensure they can fly safely and ethically within legislative and regulatory requirements. The new unit is available for contextualisation across multiple industries in a variety of operating environments and for recreational users where a licence is not required.

The following materials were approved:

Skill Set
AVISS00080 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations in Excluded Category Sub-2 kg Operations

New/Revised Units
AVIY0028 – Operate remotely piloted aircraft in excluded category sub-2 kg operations

The approved Aviation Training Package (Release 8.0) is now available on

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