The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has launched a new whole of industry Rail e-Mentoring Program open to all employees of ARA member organisations.

The program provides a way to contribute to the rail industry by sharing industry insights and practical career advice as a mentor, or by taking on the professional development opportunity as a mentee.

The e-Mentoring format enables mentors and mentees from different organisations, cities and states to communicate online at their convenience, providing broader opportunities for growing networks and the cross-fertilisation of ideas throughout industry, benefiting all participants and the rail industry as a whole.

Recognising the importance of connecting rail during the COVID-19 outbreak, this whole-of-industry e-mentoring program has been established in addition to the existing ARA Women in Rail Mentoring Program and is aimed at providing further support to ARA members.

It is a 6 month program running from July to December 2020 and up to 40 pairs will be selected. Applications close 25 May 2020.

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