AgFood Connect is an innovative pilot project that aims to create employment opportunities in the food and agribusiness industries and supply chains in various regions across Southern Queensland, from Bundaberg down to the Gold Coast.

The project is designed to make the employment process simple for jobseekers and employers. The PaTH Industry Pilots (Industry Pilots) supports young people in finding work among growth industries with employment opportunities and support networks by utilising the Youth Jobs PaTH framework.

AgFood Connect trains jobseekers to have work-ready skills and provides businesses with a skilled and sustainable workforce with lower staff turnover, lower costs and significant time saved through administration.

How it works:

Preparation – Employability Skills Training

Courses are designed to help young people develop core workplace skills and knowledge such as managing work life, reliability, communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork and using office technology.

Trial – PaTH Internships

PaTH Internships provide an opportunity for you to trial a young person to see if they are the right fit for future employment in your business.

Hire – Financial incentive to hire a young person

If you hire a young person, your business may be eligible to receive a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy.

Funding for this program ends on 30 June 2021, so if you’re a business connected to the Food and Agribusiness Supply Chain industries and are interested in participating, register now.


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Funding available until: